PS6 Color

The PS6 Color Measurement System               $2,099.


The PS6 Color Measurement System is a two part Solution combining the powerful PS colorimeter and a sophisticated Quality Control Software Package.


Colorimeter (click on the image on the right to see it larger)


Operation of the Colorimeter


Press the Measure button once and color is measured and displayed on the built-in LCD readout in RGB in a fraction of a second.

To measure a second color (the sample), press the button once again and the color difference is then shown.

The color difference will tell you whether it is a match or not.

It is light weight, portable, hand held and battery operated.


Color Comparison (two colors)


Color data used to be intimidating; we have made it simple for the average consumer.

All the information is visible on one simple screen.

An immediate color comparison is obtained.




The colorimeter resolution is one in 16 Million Colors.




Instrument calibration is done automatically when the ON button is pressed.


“Price and Money Back Guarantee Satisfaction”


Lowest Price on the Internet and a Money Back Guarantee if this system does not perform or do what we state.  If however you are not satisfied for any reason and want to upgrade to a Byk Gardner or Konica Minolta unit, then it will also be our pleasure to do this for you. You always win here.



Software (click on the 2nd image on the right to see it larger)


Color Comparison (two colors)


In addition to the screen readout, the software displays the actual two measurements in the actual color. E.g. if you read a dark green and then a light green, the actual greens will be shown on the page as references of what you read.

For simplicity we use images, numbers and large pass/fail signs to eliminate confusion.

Everything is visible on a one simple screen.

Immediate perception of color difference is visually seen and determined.

Pass/Fail Control and Tolerances


Tolerances can be entered in a few seconds to automatically detect the "Pass" or "Fail" condition of a particular  sample.

They are then viewed as large PASS or FAIL signs.


Sample history


The full history of the color  measurement can be stored. The production and/or laboratory data records can be retrieved for spreadsheet analysis at any time.


Printing and Saving Data


Color data can be easily stored or printed. Quality Control documents can be created with color data.

Data can be easily exported to text, spreadsheet or database files.


Color Measurement


Measurements can be displayed through the software in a variety of Color Gamuts such as RGB, CIELab, CIELch, and Yxy.

Choose what you like or best prefer.


The PS Colorimeter includes:

·    1 - PS5U Colorimeter

·    1 - Calibration chart

·    5 - Calibration caps

·    1 - Plastic cap, Rubber tip, Rubber cup,

·    1 - 6 volt J-Cell battery

·    1 - Warranty.




Extra batteries with purchase of the above:  Set of 4 for $25.00



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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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