Lower Cost Color Measurement

The NEW PS Series Colorimeter

The new PS Series colorimeters are based on new technology improving on repeatability and accuracy rivaling their bigger cousins costing thousands more. “Affordable color measurement has arrived.”


“Affordable Color analysis and measurement can now be performed by everyone.”


Our colorimeters open the doors for all companies to perform color measurement that only larger corporations could afford.

You too can have product color control in your QC or QA dept. for incoming or outgoing material.


Our Colorimeters are;


·               Easy to Use – Click and Read

·               Big Results – Accurate and Repeatable - 16 million colors

·               Affordable – priced at a consumer level

·               Small Footprint - handheld battery operated

·               In Stock – 2007 Stock waiting to be used

Easy to Use as 1..2..3..

Press the Measure button & within milliseconds, the color is measured and displayed on the built-in LCD readout in RGB.

Compare a color?

Press the same button again and the color difference is shown.


The color difference will tell you whether it is a match or not.

Easy Calibration

Instrument calibration is done automatically when the ON button is pressed.

Big Results – High Resolution

The colorimeter can distinguish color within one of 16 Million colors.

Small Footprint

The PS colorimeter delivers accurate results yet is a small handheld unit weighing ounces only. No AC adapter to lug around. The colorimeter uses a standard battery, available at you corner pharmacy.

Affordable at a Bargain Price

Starting at under a thousand dollars, your company can have an easy to use fully functional colorimeter to measure your products. Whether you want to perform color analysis on your process or in the lab, we have a solution. Know whether the color is close, a little off maybe just too much or dead on, time after time. No more guessing. The PS colorimeter will display the Red-Green-Blue numbers corresponding to the color measured. Measure a second product and immediately see the color difference in RGB units.


Our customers come from many industries and measure a wide gamut of applications. Here are a few;

Plastic Components

Dental work



Flat products


Injection molding

Many more

Colorimeter Types and Models – In Stock

Two types of colorimeters exist. One type incorporates an USB port while the other type does not. The model with USB can communicate with a PC to store and display measured data graphically. Four models exist for your convenience.




Basic Unit with LCD Display – has no USB port nor software.


Next Generation after the PS4 above with USB port


PS4U with Color Quality Control software with color conversion capability


PS4U with a paint database to choose the closest color within a database

Which One – Which Unit to buy?:

First you must decide how you want to use the colorimeter and whether you want to use software. The lower cost PS4 does not come with an USB port, thus cannot be upgraded at a later stage to software.

The PS5U with an USB can be purchased for those that may think of choosing to go the software route but are not sure at this time.

The PS6 Colorimeter with QC/QA Software permits users to store their standards and trial measurements and to convert on the fly to view their data in their favorite color difference formats such as; CIELab, CIELch, XYZ, xyY, or CMYK or the standard RGB.

For those wishing to create or use a database of colors, then choose the PS7.

QA/QC Color Inspection:

The PS series colorimeter performs quick checks of product color of a standard versus the product being compared to. The measurement is instantaneous and displays the color results on the LCD screen with the PS4 and PS5U or on the monitor if you have the PS6. The last standard is stored in memory after the unit is powered down.

Measurement Units:

The units used in the Colorimeter are in RGB. Red-Green-Blue. Each scale runs from 0 to 255. Three values will be displayed on the LCD. Most eyes cannot see a change of about 5 units on each scale. You will also see percentage difference on the display as an added benefit. The systems with software will also display the color information in the CIELab/Lch/xyY, XYZ, or CMYK scales used in laboratories and around the world. It is just a conversion into other units.


Two versions are available;

The PS6 solution uses software to perform QA or QC with graphical interface and the ability to average measurements, store data, and visualize it on graphs and export to spreadsheets.

The PS7 solution performs a completely different calculation. This database software either comes with your personal database of colors or comes with many paint databases from locally available paint companies. The software then performs a calculation to match the reading you measured to the closest color in the stored database on the computer. A personal database may be created for you. Contact John to discuss the creation of your database.

Time to make a Choice:

PS6 : Colorimeter with QC/QA Software.

PS7 : Colorimeter with software for Color Matching to a database or a paint manufacturer.

PS4 : Colorimeter with three separate % differences, one each for RGB.

PS5U: Colorimeter with USB port for future software option similar in looks and operation to the PS4.


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