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Color Technology Seminars  
Where does color come from? Well, you need three things in order for color to exist: an object, an observer (you!), and light.

Color originates in light. Sunlight - or white light - as we perceive it is colorless. But Isaac Newton proved us wrong with a simple glass prism. He was able to break white light into a visible spectrum of colors, from red to violet, and rejoin those colors to create white (or colorless) light. In fact, a rainbow is testimony to the fact that all the colors of the spectrum are present in white light.

But what you see is not always what's really there! There are a lot of things that can affect the way you view color. For example, lighting conditions can change the way a color looks. A person who looks at color for a long period of time is going to experience retinal fatigue and the colors are not going to be perceived accurately. Furthermore, each person experiences the sensation of a given color differently, and therefore describes it differently. These are just some of the reasons that color communication standards are so important.

Why Color Management?
Let's face it: Controlling color output from one medium to another is a major headache. How many clients complain to you that their corporate blue isn't quite right on their Web site, and we mean, the EXACT SAME COLOR as last year's corporate annual report? They may be a pain in client meetings, but they're right. The precise color is critical to a campaign that promotes a given brand or corporate image. A shift in color can affect a business' bottom line and cause lost sales. Customers often return mail-order products because they don't match the colors in the catalog or on the Web site. Clients then come to you for time-consuming and expensive changes.

And that's the crux of color management: You want everyone to see exactly what you see, on any system. It's hard to believe that just a few years ago, creative professionals did not share electronic files with numerous people at once. They would give a disk with their work to a printer, develop a proof, and work with that printer until the colors were right. Then along came the Internet. The art director wants to see the magazine layout now rather than wait for overnight delivery. The client wants to see the logo before flying to New York for a business conference. Their boss in Europe wants to see it, too. A whole new medium based on an open communications network now exists, and catalogs that were once lovingly prepared to look perfect are now sent over the network to be viewed on an uncalibrated monitor and printed on a who-knows-what printer. A common, shared language of color is now more critical than ever.
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Steam Calculations & Design  
Imbotec will help you design a steam distribution system with the correct equipment for the specific application.
Let us size and choose the correct equipment for your process.
On Site Trials  
Will this specific equipment work on my line with these conditions? We can test it and prove it. Whether doing online trials of moisture or color, we will determine how well the system will measure and control and also calculate an ROI for the project.
Sample Analysis  
Our supplier laboratories will be happy to measure your samples to determine the suitability of the solution to the application.
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