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Imbotec Group has non contact moisture sensors - moisture gauges or moisture analyzers for the most demanding process applications. We provide the most stable “NO DRIFT” platform and most reliable sensors on the market. We require NO periodic calibration and measure Non-Contact from 9” – 230mm away. Stability is our forte along with moisture accuracy. This “NO Drift” moisture measurement system has been designed with simplicity in mind. Our on-line moisture sensors are used to obtain very high ROI on dryers within weeks and for quality control and quality assurance in manufacturing industries for moisture control. We carry the original patent for moisture measurement using infra red – NIR – and thus have the simplest optical and measurement design, strongest signal to noise ratio, and consequently the lowest price and highest value to price in the world.

Our moisture sensors and gauges ensure your profitability by offering the best value with the highest returns in the shortest possible time. Product moisture control in many industries is the most important control variable. Thus a simple low cost IR moisture analyzer sensor with a 4-20mA output for feedback loop or data logging is the easy moisture measurement control solution.

Choice of Sensors for your Process:

Our staff will analyze your moisture control application and determine which moisture measurement technology suits your company’s unique moisture measurement criteria best. Our solution will take into account your product, location, moisture range, repeatability and accuracy required. Call our North American Toll Free line at 1-866-462-6832 (Imbotec). We will then suggest the optimal moisture measurement solution with an Infra Red Moisture Sensor Analyzer, a Microwave Moisture Sensor Analyzer or a RF Radio Frequency Moisture Sensor Analyzer. You can also contact us by email here. We then will gladly perform in-house application tests to further test your product. Once this test is deemed as a success, we will perform a real world trial at your plant.

Accurate – No DRIFT - Stable – Repeatable - Resolution – Low to High Range

Moisture Content (MC) measurement in an inline - online bulk product or sheet fed process can be accurately and precisely measured from 0.1% to over 90% moisture levels. Our System requires only the initial product calibration only. No weekly or monthly testing and calibration. We have NO DRIFT.


Process Window

Knowledge of real time moisture information offers you a window into the process like you have not seen before. Moisture variation in a process can offer clues into process variability and will aid in finding the cause. Process moisture control is one of the primary variables that are often not measured due to lack of knowledge of moisture measurement solutions. Many companies will start by measuring the temperature. This will offer some help but is limited. Inline moisture measurement can be economically achieved and you can gain a Window into your Process.


Human, Snack and Animal Food Industry – Moisture measurement of foods is normally done on a conveyor after a dryer, fryer, cooker, or rotating drum. Our non contact Moisture analyzer is normally mounted over the product with a food grade plastic collar. We also have sensors to measure for packaging leaks in boxes after the product is packaged. Typical accuracy is approximately 0.2% in the Food Industry.

Chemical and Mineral Industry – Moisture Gauges are installed after dryers in most cases to obtain fast ROIs by saving on the energy bill. In some cases we use a Stainless Steel attachment to catch product in a downwards vertical chute or duct application.

Paper Industry – Moisture Measurement of any type of paper is quite easy. Sensors are normally placed after the last press, dryer exits, pre and post coaters, re-moisturizers, super calenders, pulp dryers, chip conveyors, etc. The moisture gauge analyzer output is normally sent to the mill DCS or to a PLC. Typical accuracy is approximately 0.1% in the P&P Industry.

Wood Product, Panel Boards, MDF, etc. – Normally we install the moisture sensor at a blender or on the forming line to obtain a repeatable and accurate moisture measurement. Typical accuracy is approximately 0.2% for wood products.

Safe Distance Away from the Process:

Our inline sensors remain at a safe distance away from the Process. By keeping at a safe 9 inches away, we remain in a cool and clean environment.


Our Inline “online” moisture measurement can be used on flat sheets, chutes, conveyors, flow in conduits, and other applications. Use the output signal to control the process and achieve the maximum ROI.

Rugged, Robust - Built for Industry

A rugged NEMA 4 thick sensor enclosure will ensure long term protection of your capital investment. Our Moisture measurement and control system come complete for fast setup and includes the expensive type military connectors for superior signal reliability, longevity and water tightness for wash-down areas. Our standard NIR (Near Infra Red) sensor includes the following components in the base price.

-          Moisture Sensor - Rugged NEMA 4 Case

-          Product Loss Sensing – for non continuous products with gaps.

-          Communication Interconnect Cables -

-          Power Interconnect Cables -

-          Remote Wall Mountable Large LED Display Interface -

-          Remote Power Junction Box – Keeps Power Components out of harsh environment


Options or Attachments for Industry

-          Dust Shield Window Air Purge

-          Vortex Cooler – for Sensor Cooling above temperatures of 130°F (55°C)

-          Water Cooling - for Sensor Cooling above temperatures of 130°F (55°C)

-          Calibration Check Standard

-          Explosion Proof Case,

-          Remote operator interface

-          Laboratory Base Stand – Allows the sensor to operate as a Table Top Moisture Analyzer.

-          Special Chute Mechanism

-          Food Industry Special

-          Output boards

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P&P paper and wood chips, Human Food, Powders, Yeast, Biomass, Briquettes, Snack Foods, Fish Meal, Calcium Phosphates, Ceramic, Clays, Cellulose, Cereals, Citrus Pulp, Coffee, Cookies, Coating, Dryer Control, Cornmeal, Crackers, Fish Meal, Milk Powder, Crumb Rubber, Iron Ore, Fertilizers, Lignin, Gypsum, Carpet, Ceiling Tile, Laundry Detergent, Limestone, Neoprene, Pet Foods, Pet Liter, Potato Chips, Starches, Sugars, Plastic Pellets,  Powder, Soap, Tissue, Laminating, Re-Wet Control, Sawdust


High Accuracy – 0.1%

Correct Technology – IR, RF or Microwave technology 

High Quality

Lowest Cost

High Temperature Applications

Ultra Stable

Easy User Friendly


• Moisture Online Measurement
• Briquets, Snack Foods, Fish Meal
• Calcium Phosphates, Ceramic, Clays, Cellulose
• Cereals, Citrus Pulp, Coffee, Cookies
• Coating, Dryer Control, Wood Chips,
• Cornmeal, Crackers, Fish Meal, Milk Powder
• Crumb Rubber, Iron Ore, Fertilizers, Lignin
• Gypsum, Carpet, Ceiling Tile,
• Moisture Laundry Detergent, Limestone
• Moisture Online Measurement in the Food Industry
• Pet Foods, Potato Chips, Starches, Sugars
• Plastic Pellets and Powder, Soap,
• Moisture Control, Sawdust

O.M.: High temperature Application - Cooling Jacket available

O.M.: Hazardous Locations - Explosion Proof Housing available

O.M.: High Quality with Lower Cost - used in a multitude of industries makes this the #1 choice in Online Moisture Meas.

O.M.: Ultra Stable - compare to Mx and ABB - ours requires one (1) calibration/year and not every two hours

O.M.: High Accuracy – 0.1%


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