CMEX + RH + Hood

CMEX Moisture Meter + RH Probe + Insulated Hood



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             Concrete Moisture,   Wood Moisture,   RH “relative humidity”

            “Flooring Manufacturer’s Recommended”          ASTM F2420-05

Used by Hardwood Flooring Contractors


  1. CMEX Moisture Meter
  2. CMEX RH probe (used with the Sleeves)
  3. CMEX Re-usable Insulated Hood to be placed over the slab


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- World’s Largest Choice of Moisture Measurement KITS available for commercial or residential hardwood installers, contractors, home inspectors, mold remediation, wood or bathroom renovators and more.


Our Imbotec Kits include a Hard Die Cut Foam Filled Case, Thermo-Hygrometer, Nail Finder and IR Temperature Gun along with a choice of the following;



CMEX Moisture Meter & Wood Probe

CMEX Hammer Probe

CMEX RH Hygrometer Probe

RH Sleeves for RH Probe - slab holes

Hood for RH Probe (comes with Kits)

LEICA Laser Distance A3 or A5 models

MRH Moisture Meter – wood, drywall, roof, ceramic

MRH RH Hygrometer Probe

ECO-10 non pin Wood Meter

Pro Wood ¾” pin Moisture Meter

Hand Probe 1” pin for Pro Wood

3” Ins. Pins for Hand Probe SPI-90 $59.

7” Insulated Pins for Hand Probe SPI-200 $75.

Hammer probe with 1.5” Probe

1.5” Pins for Hammer Probe SPI-52 $27.

Cal. Check for RH or Moisture Meters

Nail Finder Hand Held Sensor

Infra Red Temperature Gun

Hand Held Hygrometer for ambient temperature and humidity

Professional 45° - 90° - Horizontal – Vertical  Laser Align for concrete leveling or hardwood installers, carpet installers. High power for long lines, not comparable to store models.


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