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             Concrete Moisture,   Wood Moisture,   RH “relative humidity”

            “Flooring Manufacturer’s Recommended”          ASTM F2170-02 & F2420-05

Used by Hardwood Flooring Contractors and Home Inspectors


This package includes the following:

1 CMEX Digital Moisture Meter

1 Wood Probe

1 Hammer Probe

1 RH Probe

1 Hood

6 Sleeves

1 Case


This CMEX Package, for under a grand, has all the required components to accurately measure any wood, sub-floor, concrete slab and the ambient conditions in which you will install the hardwood.


Get the convenience and save further by purchasing a scanning moisture meter “ECO-10” that is pinless that can measure a wood surface in seconds rather than minutes for a pin type. meter with a kit below. World’s Largest Selection of Wood Flooring Installer – Mold Remediation – Contractor – Home Inspector KITS.


We sell at below List Price due to our high purchasing capability.


Call Toll Free to purchase if you wish. Dial Toll Free 1.866.IMBOTEC (462.6832)


-We have the World’s Largest Choice of Moisture Measurement KITS available for commercial or residential hardwood installers, contractors, home inspectors, mold remediation, wood or bathroom renovators and more.


Our Imbotec Kits include a Hard Die Cut Foam Filled Case, Thermo-Hygrometer, Nail Finder and IR Temperature Gun along with a choice of the following;



CMEX Moisture Meter & Wood Probe

CMEX Hammer Probe

CMEX RH Hygrometer Probe

RH Sleeves for RH Probe - slab holes

Hood for RH Probe (comes with Kits)

LEICA Laser Distance A3 or A5 models

MRH Moisture Meter – wood, drywall, roof, ceramic

MRH RH Hygrometer Probe

ECO-10 non pin Wood Meter

Pro Wood ¾” pin Moisture Meter

Hand Probe 1” pin for Pro Wood

3” Ins. Pins for Hand Probe SPI-90 $59.

7” Insulated Pins for Hand Probe SPI-200 $75.

Hammer probe with 1.5” Probe

1.5” Pins for Hammer Probe SPI-52 $27.

Cal. Check for RH or Moisture Meters

Nail Finder Hand Held Sensor

Infra Red Temperature Gun

Hand Held Hygrometer for ambient temperature and humidity

Professional 45° - 90° - Horizontal – Vertical  Laser Align for concrete leveling or hardwood installers, carpet installers. High power for long lines, not comparable to store models.


To Purchase a combination of tools, call John, Toll Free  at 1.866.IMBOTEC (462.6832)

Pay by credit card – VISA or MasterCard.



We offer volume discounts (5 kits+) for store owners willing to sell to their installers.


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1.866.IMBOTEC (462.6832) 

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