Merlin ECO-10 HD

High Density 0.45 - 0.95 g/m Wood Moisture Meter

0.5” Depth – Flooring and General  Applications

North American and Exotic Wood Species


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Merlin ECO-10 HD High Density Moisture Meter


Merlin ECO-10 HD


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Merlin ECO-10 “The Best Value General Purpose Moisture Meter Available”

The Merlin ECO-10HD is a professional moisture measurement instrument designed to quickly measure wood flooring-parquet, furniture and even bundled veneer in the ½”-¾” or 10-20mm range. It is also used by veneer producers.

Used in;

ØWood Flooring Distribution Centers (sell to your Contractors)

ØFlooring Installation Experts for Sub-floor and Floor Moisture ( we also have concrete moisture meters)

ØWood Manufacturing areas where speed and accuracy are a must.

ØWood - Veneer Processing Plants


Simple Operation:

Scan expensive wood effortlessly with the extra wide 3.1” x 1.8” sensor. This sensor plate is larger than our competitor’s Series at 2½” x 1½” but costs less.

A selectable switch for wood densities provides accurate moisture independent of temperature above freezing. Choose between our two models;

For Wood Density or SG of 0.45 - 0.95 g/m3        


Measurements are fast, precise and extremely simple.

Choose density by wood species with a super quick Select Switch (no fumbling with pressing buttons), and place the ECO-10HD on the wood and start scanning.

Find humid or wet spots FAST!



-          Industrial & Robust

o        Only we provide for free as an added benefit a $15 yellow rubber Merlin casing around the sides for maximum protection in case of droppage.

-          Large LCD Display (no needles) displayed to 0.1%

-          Large Sensor Plate, Deeper measurements

-          Fast SELECT SG switch

-          Auto Shutoff to preserve 9V battery

-          Maintenance Free, No Pins

-          Long Twelve month Warranty by Merlin


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-We have the World’s Largest Choice of available kits for commercial or residential hardwood installers, contractors, home inspectors, mold remediation, wood or bathroom renovators and more.

Comparison Table



Merlin ECO-10 HD





Both Tough & Rugged

Sensor Plate

2.5” x 2.5”

3.1” x 1.8”

48% larger- Stronger signal




Better measurement













Wood Density



Correct reading on Screen

Overall Size

13.3 in.3

11.0 in.3

21% Smaller & comfortable




“lower cost”




High Value, Quality, workmanship, Warranty


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“The Flooring Specialists Choice”


We offer volume discounts (5 kits+) for hardwood store owners willing to sell to their hardwood installers.


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Merlin ECO-10 ecoscan Merlin moisture meter Merlin eco-10 ecoscan oliasaeco10

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