Wood & Plaster

Portable Wood & Plaster Moisture Meter with Case       $187. 


  • Easy to use simply insert the needle into the test area.
  • Completely portable tough pocket size instrument weighs less than 8 ounces.
  • Eliminates guesswork easy to read L.C.D. display shows actual moisture content- no calibration chart or tables!
  • Advanced, micro-controller circuit no adjustments are necessary.
  • Operates on a single 9-Volt battery.
  • Test wood moisture content from 12 to 28% range
  • Test plaster moisture content from 3% to 7% range
  • Ideal for Home Inspectors, Painters, Contractors, Lumber Yards, Exterminators, and Hobbyists.

Imbotec has a 9V battery operated professional portable wood, drywall and plaster moisture meter. This easy-to-operate instrument can be used in factories, homes, and lumber yards by anyone regardless of their technical skill. The pocket-sized and compact model weighs less than half a pound, making the instrument completely portable. This instrument is equipped with auto-ranging, with no need for moisture range selection.  A low battery indication is standard.

It has two built-in  ½” needles and determines the moisture content by measuring the electrical resistance between the needles that are driven into the wood or plaster. Several tests can be taken along a board in less than a minute to obtain not only moisture content, but also to disclose any gradients or wet streaks.

In addition to its accuracy and versatility, the Wood and Plaster model can be used to estimate the shrinkage of wood and to check for gradient distribution of moisture.


Painters – Home Inspectors - Architects

It is widely known that blistering, peeling and scaling of paint are the results of painting areas that have not dried thoroughly. It is critical for the wallboard to be at the right moisture level before painting. If you are a painting contractor, paint dealer, building inspector or an architect, the Wood Plaster Model provides a reliable means of spot checking surfaces before paint is applied.


Pest Control

In addition, you will know when wood is subject to rot.  Rot is most common when wood moisture content exceeds 20%.



A feature of the sensitivity of this unit is its application to the tracing of water leaks in walls and roofs.

Ships complete with Battery, spare Needles and Manual. Includes one year warranty.


Carrying Pouch - A convenient Durable Cordura Nylon Carrying Pouch a US$22 option is INCLUDED for the Model DC-2000-C allowing the instrument to be carried on your belt. This Padded Pouch protects the instrument from damage but not for the handle and electrodes.

Calibration Checker “Standard” can be purchased for US$75.00 for ISO certification. Most competitive units do not have this.

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-Spare Cable,

-Calibration Checker


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