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Portable Wood Lumber Moisture Meter          $375.00

The Model DC-2000-C is a 9V battery operated professional portable wood lumber moisture meter. This easy-to-operate instrument can be used in factories, mills, and yards by anyone regardless of their technical skill. This meter has three different wood species settings for increased accuracy, making this the unit of choice. The DC-2000-C is equipped with auto-ranging, with no need for moisture range selection. A Species Selector Switch is a feature of this premium instrument that provides better accuracy when testing a wide range of wood types. Except for certain variations in the temperature or species of wood, the dial readings are accurate without further correction. In addition, temperature correction tables and calibration charts for 36 specific wood species are provided for easy reference and use.

We also include a a choice of two special IMPACT Handles to easily obtain deep wood penetration depending on softwood or hardwood species.

Awarded the “American Woodworker Best Buy”. Others may look cuter, this one works tough and true.

For quick semi surface readings, use the more economical DC-2000 Moisture Meter.

The DC-2000-C determines the moisture content by measuring the electrical resistance between the needles that are driven into the wood with the special deep penetration handle. The instrument reads the wettest portion of the wood rather than averaging the moisture content which, might otherwise be misleading. The DC-2000 can be operated by any one regardless of technical skill to obtain accurate, immediate results.

Several tests can be taken along a board in less than a minute to obtain not only moisture content, but also to disclose any gradients or wet streaks.

In addition to its accuracy and versatility, the DC-2000-C can be used to estimate the shrinkage of wood and to check for gradient distribution of moisture.

You will know when wood is subject to rot.

The availability of two different Heavy Duty Needle Electrodes makes the DC-2000-C a versatile instrument that can be used on all wood applications from kiln dried to air dried woods. The electrode heads are made of durable Cycolac plastic to withstand hard usage. The heavy duty needles are designed for use on the most dense wood, yet can be withdrawn after tests without breakage or bending.

Equipped with auto-ranging, the instrument provides accurate, reliable readings over a wide range from 5 to 65 percent moisture content.

In addition, wood technology indicates that wood rot is most common when wood moisture content exceeds 20 percent. Users in the pest industry will find the DC-2000 or 2000-C invaluable in helping to locate conditions where wood decay and "dry-rot" are creating a breeding ground for pest.

Heavy Duty Needle Electrodes for Model DC-2000-C

Model #1 SOFTWOOD - Utilizes four tempered needles for a maximum 7/16 inch (1.2 cm) penetration depth into hard wood surfaces. This model uses a shorter driver handle than Model #2

Model #2 HARDWOOD Utilizes four tempered needles for a maximum  7/16 inch (1.2 cm) penetration depth into hard wood surfaces. This model uses a longer driver handle than Model #1 for maximum force for deep penetration.

Model #3 Deep HARDWOOD Utilizes twin 1 inch (2.5cm) needles with insulated shanks. Used to penetrate to the center of a two inch (5cm) board.

This model uses a long driver handle for maximum force for deep penetration.


  • Wholesale and Retail Yards.
    • Protect your good reputation and maintain customer good-will, by spot checking lumber as you unload cars.
  • Manufacturing.
    • Cabinet shops, furniture makers, and all lumber manufacturers can depend on accurate readings in the entire 5-65 percent range.
  • Kiln Operators.
    • Obtain immediate information about the condition of your lumber with the 5-65 percent range readings.
  • Building and Painting Contractors.
    • Helps the busy contractor test his lumber stock and walls before painting. Sort lumber by moisture content as well as by grade for resale air drying, or kiln drying.

Ships complete with Battery, spare Needles, Cordura Nylon carrying Bag and Manual. Includes two year warranty.


Carrying Pouch - A convenient Durable Cordura Nylon Carrying Pouch is INCLUDED for the Model DC-2000-C allowing the instrument to be carried on your belt. This Padded Pouch protects the instrument from damage but not for the handle and electrodes.

Calibration Checker “Standard” can be purchased for US$75.00 for ISO certification. Most competitive units do not have this.

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We also supply a complete line of online automated moisture measurement Solutions for paper mills, food applications, granular products, extruded plastics, rubber and pulp machines.

WLP    Included is a Calibration List - We have calculated 36 different wood species calibrations and also a temperature correction list for you.
WLP   Three Separate Ranges - Obtain higher Accuracies with 3 narrower ranges offering better results.
Spare Parts:



-Spare Cable,

-Calibration Checker

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