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1 - Who is Imbotec Group?


Imbotec Group was incorporated in the 90s with mission to bring not only technology, but a means of using it properly to achieve a customer’s goals. We supply solutions to several industries now as we have grown. Solutions have been developed through experience achieved in various industries from food-paper-plastics-bulk to Government National Galleries over the years. To learn more about us, go to “About Us


Imbotec Group has expertise in:


Color - What does Imbotec Group know?

Color - What does Imbotec Group know?



John Imbault, engineer and founder of the Imbotec Group, was a color product manager for many years. John was project manager while he developed the world's first remote spectrophotometer for industry. One could very accurately measure color from 8-20ft. away with a minimum of deltaE.


Mr. Imbault worked on the world's first system to eliminate the effects of sheet opacity to obtain true color online with a special set of tiles that is now common on MX and ABB systems. He programmed, and beta tested and helped with installations and applications in color.


John also ran the paper industry online color measurement systems and sold to ABB their color instruments/optics. Later on while at ABB, he was their marketing and Technical Manager.


Now Imbotec Group provides solutions to a multitude of industries for color, gloss and other areas in Color and Appearance.


We have performed measurements in companies from cars to Caskets to the National Galleries measuring antique portraits to Natural Resources Dept.


Call us to Benefit from John’s experience. 1.866.IMBOTEC (462-6832)



Moisture Measurement Online – Which Technology - IR, RF or Microwave?

Imbotec Group has many solutions depending on the application. We match the application to the “IR” Infra Red, “RF” Radio Frequency, or microwave!  


We analyze your product and application, your requirements for moisture determination and advise you which technology is better for your particular application.



Powders          -           IR

Minerals           -           IR

Baled Paper     -           Microwave

Lumber                        -           Our Brookhuis Inline wood Systems

Inside Boxes    -           RF



Differences in Technology;

The major reason to go with RF, radio frequency, is to measure moisture at a deeper product penetration.


Infra Red measures the surface characteristics only and does not penetrate the product to a large degree. IR is primarily used for measuring flat product web moving quickly across. IR is also used for the food and bulk industries.


A third technology is available to measure through very thick products such as pulp bales and cotton bales with Microwave technology.


Our sensors have been designed specifically to be fitted with the correct IR or RF solution. Imbotec stands behind the offer to optimize your solution with the best Online Moisture Measurement you can obtain.




Moisture Meters for Wood, Concrete, Boats – What do I need?

Moisture Meters for Wood, Concrete, Boats – What do I need?


We carry many portable handheld instruments to measure a multitude of products. These instruments are high quality and at the best prices.


Measurements range from wood, concrete, boats, airplane radomes to gypsum, fiberglass, paper, lumber, cotton bales, paper bales, powders, etc. Call us toll free at 1-866-462-6832.


We specialize in Wood Moisture and Concrete Moisture for Hardwood Installers – Contractors from Tramex and for the Sawmill operator. We also have Inline Lumber Systems from Brookhuis.


Will we travel to meet with you?

Will we travel to meet with you?


The answer is of course "YES.” We have been traveling all the time to visit customers from Europe to Asia to South America


Before we drive to meet, we will discuss the application, your goal, the real estate around the location, and all other variables that will affect the positive outcome of this project.


Our goal is to make your life easier with a sense of comfort than prior to your phone call to us by eliminating all obstacles and confusions. 


We can only stay in business with your repeat business. We need you to tell others how great we are.



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