Tramex Roof Master Kit RMK5.1

The Tramex Roof Master kit is a professional system used on flat roof coverings with insulation (balasted roofs) to quickly find moisture within the membrane.
SKU: MS-11132
Manufacturer: Tramex

The Tramex Roof Master Kit RMK5.1 was conceived for professional commercial roofing experts to find moisture leaks on large flat surfaces. It is an alternative to using IR from a helicopter and does not need the weather to cooperate for a proper IR scan. Even with an IR Scan, this system is required to narrow in on the exact area of moisture infiltration. 

This Tramex Master kit includes the Dec Scanner, Roof Wall Scanner, a CMEX2 Concrete Moisture Meter to measure the water content in concrete (0-6.9%), Hand Probe (200mm -7") pins to penetrate the insulation, a RH sensor to measure Relative Humidity, an IR Gun to measure temperature & a Hole Punch to be used prior to the hand probe.

Made in Ireland - High-Quality Industrial Strength.

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