Density (Specific Gravity) Cup Aluminum 100 ml

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Aluminum or Stainless Steel
SKU: CA-17120
Manufacturer: Bevs

Imbotec supplies Density Cups which are made of robust aluminum or stainless steel with 3 different specifications for each material: 50cc/1000cc/83.3cc (US gallon).


The manufacturing accuracy of the Density Cups is ±0.2% under room temperature at 15℃~25℃.


BS3900 A19, ISO 2811, DIN 53217, ASTM 1475

How to use a Density Cup:

  1. Weigh the empty Density Cup
  2. Fill the Cup with the liquid to be measured
  3. Cover the Cup with its lid and wipe off any excess material.
  4. Weigh the Gravity Cup when full and divide the weight by the volume to determine the Density.

Once you have calculated the Density of your sample, divide it by the Density of Water at the same temperature to obtain the Specific Gravity.

Unit Conversion:

When using the 100 ml Density cup, multiply by 10 to convert to grams per liter (g/l) or by 100 to convert to Kilograms per liter (Kg/l).

If you are using the 83.3 ml Density Cup, you can convert to pounds per US gallon (lb/gal) by multiplying by 0.1.