Reflectivity Meter - Novo-Shade DUO+

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Novo-Shade Duo+ Comes Complete With Novo-Shade Dimensions
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2.5"x5.5"x2" (65mm x 140mm x 50mm) (H x W x D)
Range Repeatability Reproducibility
0 - 100 0.2 % 0.5 %
Cat No. Description Geometry Application Measuring Area
DUO Novo-Shade Duo+ Reflectometer 45 ° All Products needing Reflectivity Measurement 15mm x 10mm ellipse
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Shade Reading Shade Measurement Statistics

Measurement Units: 0 = black – no reflectance , 100 = brilliant white – full reflectance

Novo Shade Duo+ Reflectivity Meter

Novo-Shade Duo+, Instantly Measure the Reflectivity Of a Material

The Novo-Shade Duo+ easily measures Reflectivity. Reflectivity is defined as the property of reflecting light measured independently of material thickness. Basically, it is the amount of light that is reflected.

According to the CIE (the International Commission on Illumination), reflectivity is distinguished from reflectance by the fact that reflectivity is a value that applies to thick reflecting objects. When reflection occurs from thin layers of material, internal reflection effects can cause the reflectance to vary with surface thickness. Reflectivity is the limit value of reflectance as the sample becomes thick; it is the intrinsic reflectance of the surface, hence irrespective of other parameters such as the reflectance of the rear surface.

Going back to the fact that reflectivity is a directional property, most surfaces can be divided into those that give specular reflection and those that give a diffuse reflection.

For specular surfaces, such as glass or polished metal, reflectivity will be nearly zero at all angles except at the appropriate reflected angle - that is, reflected radiation will follow a different path from incident radiation for all cases other than radiation normal to the surface.

For diffuse surfaces, such as matte white paint, reflectivity is uniform; radiation is reflected in all angles equally or near-equally. Such surfaces are said to be Lambertian.

Most real objects have some mixture of diffuse and specular reflective properties

Imbotec Group is the Master Distributor and the ONLY FACTORY AUTHORIZED U.S. and Canadian CALIBRATION and CERTIFICATION Facility for Rhopoint Opacity, Glossmeters, Haze, DOI, RIQ and other Optical physical testing equipment.

Method to Measure Reflectivity

Have your sample ready. In Reflectance Mode, place the Novo Shade Duo+ over the product. The Novo Shade DUO+ display indicates the reflectance within a fraction of a second; the result is displayed in "% Reflectance".

Applications of Reflectivity Meter - Novo-Shade DUO+:

  • Metal Reflectance
  • Concrete Reflectance for Concrete solar Reflectance Index (SRI) for Leeds Sustainability
  • Ceramic Reflectance
  • Metal Foil Reflectance
  • Optics Reflectance
  • Solar Silicon Wafer Reflectance
  • Measurement of Cleanliness of Clothes
  • Measurement of Cleanliness of Metals
  • Fading of Textiles
  • Fading of Plastics
  • Chalking of Paint
  • Whiteness of Recycled Paper
  • Efficiency of Bleaching Agents
  • Efficiency of Detergents
Cleanliness Measurement

The Novo-Shade Duo+ is also capable of measuring the cleanliness or oxidization of a surface.

Cleanliness Reading Statistics of cleanliness Readings

The Novo-Shade Duo+ is ideal for fast measurement of cleanliness parameters

Features of the Novo-Shade Duo+:

  • Large Colour Display
  • Automatic Calibration
  • White Calibration Tiles in a Magnetic Holder
  • ISO Calibration Certificate
  • Built-in Statistical Analysis of stored readings, provides Batch Quality Assessment
  • Large, clear, easy to read display giving meaningful readings
  • Change to 20,000+ measurements per charge
  • Automatic power cut off switches "Off" when not in use to save battery
  • Languages in EN, FR, D, NL, SP, IT, TK, CZ
  • Download ( USB or Bluetooth) readings for further Analysis
  • Replacement white calibration tiles available
Reflectivity Measurement - International Standards

ASTM E97-82 Method of Test for Directional Reflectance Factor, 45-Deg 0-Deg, of Opaque Specimens by Broad-Band Filter Reflectometry (replaced by E1347)

ASTM E1347 Standard Test Method for Color and Color-Difference Measurement by Tristimulus Colorimetry

ASTM D4214 Standard Test Methods for Evaluating the Degree of Chalking of Exterior Paint Films

Specifications of the Novo-Shade Duo+:

  • Resolution: 0.1 %
  • Repeatability: 0.2%
  • Reproducibility: 0.5 %
  • Range: 0 - 100%
  • Angle: 45°/0°
  • Measurements/Charge: Rechargeable lithium ion
  • Measurements per charge: 20,000+ Readings
  • Weight:  790g
  • Extended Two Year Warranty
Service - Spare Parts: Novo-Shade Duo +

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  • Replacement  White Calibration Tile - GM-13515

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Imbotec Group is the Master Distributor and the ONLY FACTORY AUTHORIZED U.S. and Canadian CALIBRATION and CERTIFICATION Facility for Rhopoint Reflectance, Glossmeters, Haze, DOI, RIQ and other Optical physical testing equipment.


Reflectivity - Wikipedia

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