MIZA IRH-03 RH/T Sensor Plus Moisture Track Data Logger

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8000 Data sets for RH, Temperature and Moisture
SKU: ML-13602
Manufacturer: MIZA

Overview of MIZA IRH-03 RH Moisture Track Data Logger:

The MIZA IRH-03 RH Moisture Track Data Logger is a small device that measures both relative humidity and moisture. The MIZA IRH-03 RH Data Logger and Moisture Track come with, Moisture Track Software, a USB Cable, a RH Sensor, a RH Cable and Adapter, 3 Teflon Cables and 6 Screws 1/2" long.  The Data Logger uploads the information onto your computer so you can view your measurements on a graph/chart format.

This data acquisition device can be programmed for most jobs required. The Moisture Track measures 3 moisture measurements and you can choose between 57 wood species for each moisture measurement and you can program it to measure between 1 min to 24 hours.  It can be left in walls or concrete for days on end to test relative humidity to check the highs and lows.  

This device, unlike any of the other products available, can measure GPP (grains per pound) which is the absolute amount of moisture in the air.  Both relative humidity and temperature are inversely proportional to each other and require an absolute value to determine high's and low's of moisture, GPP (Grains per pound).  For example, when having to determine the dryness of two different rooms with results of one room having a 65% RH and 25oC while the other room having a 60% RH and 30oC, which room is dryer?  It is hard to determine, as relative humidity is dependent on the temperature hence, temperature changes as does relative humidity.  Therefore, the need for a GPP (Grains per pound) absolute measurement which is included in the MIZA IRH-02 RH/T Data Logger, but not found in other less expensive products sold on the market, is essential for determining how dry or moist an area is.

Features of the MIZA IRH-03 RH Moisture Track Data Logger:

  • Measures RH, Temperature, Moisture, GPP and Dew Point
  • Stores readings of RH, Temperature, Moisture, GPP, Dew Point, Date & Time
  • Has 3 Moisture Measurement inputs
  • Wall Mountable
  • 4 LED's indicate status:
  • Low Battery indication
  • Out of Range for RH and Temperature

Specs of the MIZA IRH-03 RH Moisture Track Data Logger:

  • Corrects to 57 Wood Species per Moisture measurement
  • Stores 8000 Data Sets
  • Accuracy for Humidity - +/- 2% between 10% and 90%
  • Up to +/- 3% below 10% and above 90%
  • 3.6V Lithium Battery 
  • Accuracy of Temperature +/- 0.55oC between 0oC and 50oC
  • Up to +/- 1oC below 0oC and above 50oC
  • Can measure from 1 min to 24 hours
  • 2 yr warranty