Miza Impact Tester

Reliably evaluate coating's flexibility and resistance to rapid deformation.
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Manufacturer: Bevs
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Our Impact Testers are Robust, Precision Engineered, High-Quality instruments. They are used to make reliably evaluate coating's flexibility and resistance to rapid deformation. 

A free falling weight from a controlled distance impacts a coated surface. The coating on the surface is then reviewed visually to check for cracking or crazing. When a product has a coating applied to only one surface, the testing can be done on either the coated side or the reverse, uncoated side. Usually, both sides are tested. 

Most protective coatings must be impact tested for optimal quality control. This instrument is indispensable for industries in painting, plating, plastic, varnish, resin, compound, coil coating, sheet metal, etc.


  • Sturdy Base Plate
  • Falling Weight (different weights available)
  • Clamp ring to adjust height of weight
  • Release collar
  • Graduated guide tube (different lengths available)
  • Ball/Indenter: 15.9mm or 20mm 
  • Weight: Choice of 3 weights


Model No.StandardTube 
CA-23210  ASTM D2794 + ISO 6272-2 25" 8.9 N (2 lbs.) 
15.9 mm 16.3 mm
CA-23220  ASTM D2794 + ISO 6272-2 40" 17.9 N (4 lbs.)
15.9 mm 16.3 mm
CA-23230  ISO 6272-1 Direct Impact 100 cm 
9.8 N (2.2lb.)
20.0mm mm 27.0mm mm


  • ASTM D2794, ISO 6272-1, ISO 6272-1, ISO 6272-2, BS6496, BS3900, DIN55669 Note: Different models meet different standards; verify that the model you have chosen meets the standard you require.


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