MFFT 70 - Minimum Film-Forming Temperature Bar to 70°C - No Chiller - Imbotec Exclusive 3 Year Warranty - Test before you buy!

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The Minimum film-forming temperature is the minimum temperature at which a water-borne synthetic latex or emulsion will coalesce when laid on a substrate as a thin film.
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Description of the MFFT 70:

The CB-12201 MIZA MFFT Minimum Film-Forming Temperature Tester is the most advanced unit in the world. It is a jointly developed project with Imbotec Group. The Imbotec MIZA MFFT has an advanced touchscreen display system designed to offer graphical measurement data and information in Real Time. The Color Touch Screen displays all necessary information and offers control of the instrument. This MFFT has been designed with the user in mind to offer easy usage while keeping cost down, yet with high component quality. The MFFT self-diagnoses flow and temperature anomalies. After alerting the operator, the MIZA MFFT will shut down prior to any damage occurring. Imbotec Group offers a three-year warranty on the MIZA MFFT, the longest in the industry, with a “Try before you Buy” approach.

The MIZA CB-12201 patented design offers simplicity with high accuracy of 0.1˚ C. This design has a specially coated copper platen with thirteen temperature sensors for superior accuracy. The MFFT was designed around ASTM D2354 and ISO 2115.

Its main structure is a copper platen with an electronic temperature gradient. Built-in temperature sensors monitor the temperature across the platen, a graph of the gradient is displayed on the touchscreen. A cooling source and a heating source are located separately on the two ends of the platen to produce different temperature gradient through metal heat conduction theory.

Features of the MFFT 70:

  • Newly designed MFFT with multiple patents for an improved design.
  • Small size, high precision, intelligent automated operation,
  • Easy to use and simple maintenance.
  • Color touchscreen menu operation system. All parameters are shown in real time.
  • High precision digital temperature sensors, ensure the temperature error is less than 0.1˚ C.
  • Optional Water Chiller. Water Chiller is required for hot environments when tap water is warm. Order CB-12202
  • Includes a 100-micron gap 25mm wide Cube Applicator. Other sizes available upon request.

Technical Specifications of the MFFT 70:

  • Temperature Gradient:  14°F-158°F(-10˚C to 70˚C)
  • Measurement Sensors:  13
  • Measurement Distance: Every inch (25mm)
  • Test Programs:   7
  • Platen size:17.6”x8.3” (447× 210 mm)
  • Unit Size: 20.8”x17”x7.2”  (528x430×184 mm) LxWxH
  • Optional Chiller Size:18”x8”x6.3” (460×200×160mm) LxWxH
  • Weight:18Kg
  • Shipping Info: Crate, 37"x20"x27", 30Kg


Minimum Film Forming Temperature: The lowest temperature when forming continuous, uniform and no-cracked film. White Point Temperature is several degrees lower than MFFT.

White Point Temperature: The dividing temperature when the non-transparent film changes to a transparent film.