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The Coesfeld Imbotec MFFT 80 achieves a Temperature Range from -5° to 80°C
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Description of the Coesfeld Imbotec MFFT 80

The Coesfeld Imbotec MFFT 80 achieves a Temperature Range  from -5° to 80°C

It is used to determine the Minimum Film-Forming Temperature, white point temperature, synthetic-resin, stoving-varnish and dispersions glass transition temperature, as well as determination of end load and stackability of coated papers, films, printings, etc.

This instrument meets the following standards (special accessories required in some cases):

ISO 2115

Plastics - Aqueous Dispersions of Poly- mers and Copolymers - Determination of white Point Temperature and minimum Film-forming Temperature 

ASTM D 2354

Test Method for Minimum Film Formation Temperature (MFT) of Emulsion Vehicles 

ASTM D 1465

Test Method for Blocking and Picking Points of Petroleum Wax 

The device consists of a polished hard-chromium metal plate (measuring plate or platten). The samples shall be put on that plate. Through heating and cooling the measuring plate, a temperature gradient results within the range of -5° to 80°C, and remains constant for a desirable time. 

The measuring plate has 10 temperature sensors. The distances between these measuring locations is 50 mm.

Using the integrated multi-channel digital thermometer, you can measure the temperature along all the range. 

Excess Temperature Safety

For safety reasons, the device comes with a protective thermal relay. If the maximum temperature is exceeded the heating circuit will be interrupted, so that overheating will be prevented.