Merlin HM8-WS1 Veneer Wood Moisture Meter for N.A Species

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The Merlin HM8-WS1 is specifically made to measure Single Sheets of Veneer around 1-2 mm or the top layer of engineered North American hardwoods.
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SKU: MN-12012
Manufacturer: Merlin

Overview of Merlin HM8-WS1 Veneer Wood Moisture Meter:

The Merlin HM8-WS1 Industrial Pinless handheld moisture meter is for the measurement of moisture veneer. The Merlin HM8-WS1 is built in Western Europe. Designed to quickly measure Single Sheet Veneer around 1-2mm. Used in wood shops worldwide (the ones who know about it) in veneer making and utilization.

The Merlin HM8-WS1 is a professional moisture meter designed to quickly measure high wood density Veneer in the 0.02” to 0.06” or 0.5-1.6mm range. Used in Veneer moisture measurement application areas where speed and accuracy are a must.

Features of the Merlin HM8-WS1 Veneer Wood Moisture Meter:

  • Industrial
  • Comes with heavy Duty Protective Rubber Protection
  • Large LCD Display displayed to 0.1%
  • Measure sheet veneer around 1-2mm
  • Pinless/ Non-Destructive
  • Large Sensor Plate for precise measurement
  • Fast Select SG switch
  • Density of 370-670kg/m3

Specs of the Merlin HM8-WS1 Veneer Wood Moisture Meter:

  • Size 4.8” x 2.4” x 1”
  • Weight 6 oz.
  • 9V Battery
  • 1 yr warranty

Note: Merlin will be retiring this product soon. The new updated model is the HM9-WS1 which can be found here.