Merlin Paper Moisture Meter

Sorry - this product is no longer available

Special device for measuring the absolute paper moisture or changes in moisture caused by storing stacks and rolls of paper. Suitable for kraft paper, packaging paper, and cardboard.
SKU: MN-12200
Manufacturer: Merlin

Product Description

Particularly suitable for moisture measurement of kraft paper, packaging paper and paperboard.

Features of the Merlin Paper Moisture Meter

  • Quick, nondestructive measurement
  • Easy to use
  • Small, handy, precise
  •  Automatic switch off after 90 seconds
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Including; test board, wooden box, battery and rubber protection
  • Technical Data
  • Measuring range:
  • 3 to 10 % paper moisture
  • Resolution:0,1 % paper moisture
  • Display:3 digit LCD display
  • Sensor plate:80 x 72 mm
  • Measuring range:0 – 5% (3% product specific *)
  • Weight: 160 g
  • Measuring depth:13 mm