Linear Abraser

SKU: CA-12800
Manufacturer: Bevs

It is designed according to the American Dupont standard and applied to the abrasion resistant test for all kinds of non-conductive coating layers. The abrasion degree of samples is determined by using rubber, artificial sweat, steel wool or alcohol to scrub the surface of the samples.


  • Big LCD design, touch-screen operation
  • Operating Menu: Chinese or English
  • Adjustable speed intelligent system ensures the accuracy of sample measurement
  • Universal fixture to fix the sample in different shapes & sizes

Technical Specification:

  • Enhanced Screen with touch-screen control
  • Rubbing Frequency: No sections and adjustable speed frequency
  • Adjustable rubbing cycle times: 0–9999
  • Adjustable stroke length: 2099 times/ min
  • Adjustable rubbing distance: 10–50 mm
  • Test platform: 14x16inches (350x400mm) (LxW)