Laboratory Mixer 1.5 HP Auto Lift Blades 2/3/4/5 5.5K rpm

SKU: CA-11500
Manufacturer: Bevs

The CA-11000 series of Laboratory Mixers use a Variable-frequency drive to adjust speed and torque.

With an advanced touch-screen control design, this instrument allows you to disperse, mix or grind by changing the available impellers.

Speed (RPM) and dispersing time are controlled through its touch-screen. This is the best tool for R&D, laboratory and spot testing.

This Laboratory Mixer can be used for high-speed stir, dissolution and dispersion of liquid and solidification material in coatings, paint, ink, pigments, cosmetics, foodstuff, resin, adhesive, latex, medicine, petroleum and other fields.


Technical Specifications:

Touch-screen control and emergency stop switch
Time Adjustable
Maximum Dispersion Volume: 10L
Maximum Speed: 5500 rpm
Minimum Speed: 60rpm
Electric motor: Variable-frequency drive
Milling disc: available
Power: 1.0 HP (750W)
Lifting Distance: 13 in (330mm)
Lifting Type: Automatic
Standard equipped with 4 discs.

Double Wall Container is not Included.

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