Lab Basket Mill with 2.6 Gal (10L) container - Electric Lift.

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SKU: CB-20430
Manufacturer: MIZA

The Lab Basket Mill is an integrated equipment, which combines milling and dispersing to reduce particle size for paint, coatings, inks and pigment dispersions applications. The basket mill integrates high-speed dissolving and pump wheels. It can achieve a very narrow particle size distribution


  • Replaceable basket structure, easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain and move from one production batch 
  • Little grinding media is required
  • Double wall milling basket and double wall container for cooling an heating is optional
  • Excellent mill results

Technical Specs:

  • Motor:2 HP (1500W)
  • Rotation speed:0-2,880 r.p.m
  • Processing Capacity:0.8 Gal (3L)
  • Control Method:Stepless speed control, with digital speed display
  • Medium Size:0.08 in (2mm) Average Zirconia bid size
  • Basket and container Material:SS304
  • Lifting System:Electric