Dual-Shaft High Speed Disperser 2×150L Containers; 14 KW Motor; Hydraulic lift

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SKU: CB-33300
Manufacturer: MIZA

The perfect combination of BGD series of speed-adjustable stringed-plate dual-axle dispersion machine and BGD seriesof basket-type fast high grinders and dispersion machine enable the mixing, distribution, grind and package of materials with very high stickiness to befinished in one consecutive process at one machine, 10-20 times more efficient than ordinary distributor and grinder, Ground materials as fine as 5-10 μm,this is absolute breaking-through in the mixing, distribution, grind andpackage of materials with very high stickiness, and is widely used forhigh-glass atom ash, sticker pulp, rendering, cosmetics, food, salve, ink etc.


◆ Stringed plates on dual-axle ensure fast mixing and dispersion.
◆ Rotary blade unit inside the cylinder prevents the mixture from sticking to the wall and ensures thorough dispersion
◆ Speed-adjust unit makes it easy to change speed.
◆ The cooling system in the secret compartment of the bucket provides effective protection for temperature -sensitive materials.
◆ Currently available for customers to choose from the mechanical lift and hydraulic lift.
◆ User-friendly service vehicle accessory to the machine eases labor intensity.

Working Travel: 39 inches (1000mm)

Overall Size: 69x31x69inches (1750×800×1750mm)