Dual-Shaft High Speed Disperser 2×150 L Containers; 14 KW Motor; Mechanical lift

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SKU: CB-33200
Manufacturer: MIZA

Overview of Dual-Shaft High Speed Disperser

The perfect combination of speed-adjustable, stringed-plate, dual-axle dispersion machine and basket-type, fast high grinders and dispersion features come together to enable the best mixing, distribution, grinding to be finished in one single process at one machine.

10 to 20 times more efficient than other distributor and grinders, this device can grind materials as fine as 5-10 μm.This is an absolute breakthrough in the mixing, distribution, grind and packaging of materials with very high stickiness and it is widely used for high-glass atom ash, sticker pulp, rendering, cosmetics, food, salve, ink etc.

Technical Specifications of Dual-Shaft High Speed Disperser:

◆ Stringed plates on dual-axle ensure fast mixing and dispersion.
◆ Rotary blade unit inside the cylinder prevents the mixture from sticking to the wall and ensures thorough dispersion.
◆ Speed-adjust control unit makes it easy to change speed.
◆ The cooling system in the compartment in the bucket provides effective protection for temperature -sensitive materials.
◆ Available in mechanical lift and hydraulic lift versions.
◆ User-friendly service vehicle accessory eases labor intensity.

Working Travel: 31inches (800 mm) 
Overall Size: 61x30x69inches (1550×750×1750 mm)