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Coesfeld GmbH & Co. KG is active in the field of test equipment for material tests. Coesfeld aims to always find and create the most intelligent Cost-benefit solution for our customers.


Coesfeld manufactures the World's best MFFT.

Temperature gradient plate for measuring the Minimum Film Forming Temperature , MFFT of polymer dipsersion.

ISO 2115, ASTM D2354

For determination of the MFFT a sample is applied on the tempered measuring plate by the help of a film caster. A visual inspection of the dry film is then made to determine the position along the length of the film where it changes from the coalesced to the non-coalesced state. A noncoalesced film shows whitening and /or cracking. The lowest temperature at which the film is coalesced is reported as the MFFT. The temperature gradient plate consists of a high precision chromium measuring plate, with equispaced temperature sensors beneath the surface. For measuring the temperature, the MFFT 20 is equipped with 20 Pt-100 temperature sensors. (MFFT 10: 10 Pt-100 sensors). The controller guarantees optimal temperature control. The temperature set points for the MFFT 20 can vary with a maximum possible gradient on the surface of 100°



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