Coating Fast Mixer Floor/Bottle

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SKU: CB-20530
Manufacturer: MIZA

Overview of Coating Fast Mixer Floor/Bottle

Having a high efficiency mixer for dispersing jobs has become more necessary. That is why we designed our coating fast mixer. Our mixers are a great mixing solution capable of handling an extremely broad range of materials for countless applications including automotive, chemical, wood finishes, marine, R&D, and various lab settings.

Suitable for a wide range of mixing applications, our mixers come with options:

Carrying Can:

Shakes a variety of containers of all sizes and shapes(User should prepare container by himself. The max. diameter of container is 7.09inches (180mm), the container height range is from 2.56inches to 7.09inches (65mm to 180mm)

Carrying Bottle:

Shakes eight glass bottles whose capacity is 6.77 fl oz.(200ml) (Each arm have four bottles ,and every bottle can finish dispersing of 5.07 fl oz. (150ml) sample)

Two different structures:Column type and Floor type, suitable different applications.

Also equiped with a timer to automatically stop the mixing cycle.

Technical Specifications of Coating Fast Mixer Floor/Bottle:

■ Motor:550W
■ Crankshaft revolution:660 r/min
■ Main shaft reciprocating stroke:0.63inches (16 mm)
■ Upper and lower maximum amplitude:.0.31inches (8 mm)
■ Head arm swinging angle:30°
■ Overall dimension:31.1x20.5x43inches (790×520×1090 mm) (length by width by height)
■ Weight:176.4lbs (80Kg)