Mechanical Basket Grinder 18.7HP/40Gal/31.5in (14KW/150L/800mm)

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SKU: CB-34200
Manufacturer: MIZA

This is a new model of fast high grinders and with variable speed adjustment, ideal for materials with high and mid-viscosity. A model that is simple in design as well as safe to operate.


  • New basket design renders a thorough change of the traditional mode of grind
  • Basket lift design makes the machine user-friendly while feeding and discharging
  • Dual-blade design at the bottom of the basket frees the ground material, saving energy and reducing cost
  • Circulation cooling design in an inner compartment between the basket wall and inner container wall provides effective protection for temperature-sensitive material.
  • Blade at the basket bottom feeds upwards, all-around interactive collision spurred by the back, crossflows and convection between the ground materials and intermediary agent in the basket which renders fast grind and distribution, ensuring the fineness of ground to the material.
  • The speed of grind is adjustable, which makes it suitable for the grind of a variety of materials while saving grind time.
  • The temperature-controlled system precisely surveys and controls the temperature while grinding.
  • Rotary blade design inside the cylinder prevents material from sticking to the wall, making the grind more thorough and better-distributed.
  • User-friendly service vehicle.
  • Timer relay controls grind time, making the machine more user-friendly.


Motor Power: 18.7HP (14KW)

Capacity: 40 Gal (150L)

Ascending and Descending Engine: Mechanical

Working Travel: 31.5 in (800 mm)

Overall Size: 55x33.5x102 in (1400 x 850 x 2600 mm)