Automatic Closed Flash Point Tester

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Suitable for testing flash and fire points.
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Manufacturer: MIZA
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Overview of the Automatic Closed Flash Point Tester:

Flash point is the lowest liquid temperature at which a test flame causes sample vapors to ignite. Fire point is the temperature at which the test flame causes the sample to ignite and remain burning for ≥5 seconds.

The Automatic Flash Point Tester is designed and produced according to ISO 2719, ISO 2592,ASTM D93,D65, ASTM D 6450 standards. It is suitable for testing flash and fire points(Except fuel oil and petroleum products whose open flash point is below 174°F (79℃).

Features of the Automatic Closed Flash Point Tester:

◆ The design of firing adopts a patented technology, keeping a stable fire through controlling the flow speed of flammable liquids. The operator can adjust the flow rate to avoid dangerous and inconvenient factors which could happen by electronic or LNG firing.

◆ By way of the atmospheric pressure sensor in the device, the pressure is revised automatically.

◆ Control of the speed of rising temperature is done automatically by using a coercive cooling system.

◆ With protection for firing, the device includes an alarm and stop testing mechanism when safe temperature levels are exceeded.

◆ Control of heating, stirring, scanning and flashing procedure is automatically.

◆ It has a double heating elements that can switch mutually on or off.

◆ Can self-check automatically and show points of failure.

◆ With its large database capacity, it can store 100 data points and also include inquire, manage etc.

◆ With its RS-232 interface, it can print testing results.

◆ Monitor can refire automatically when the igniter stops.

◆ Clear and large LCD screen(320×240).

◆ Small size, light weight and reasonable structure.  

Main Technical Parameters:

■ Thermometer: 0~400 ℃;each scale division is 32.2°F (0.1 ℃.) 

■ Ambient temperature: ≤95°F (≤35 ℃)

■ Relative humidity: ≤85%

■ Total power consumption:less than 700 W