Afnor Cup

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SKU: CA-32340

BEVS NF Cup is designed according to French NFT30-014 standard and it is widely used by both French and European companies.

Technical Specifications of the Afnor Cup:

  • Volume: 100± 1 ml
  • Material: Cup body-aluminum alloy                                                   Nozzel-stainless steel
  • Flow Time: 30-300 secs

Order Information:

 Order No.    Orifice (mm)            Viscosity Range(cSt)
 BEVS 1118/2. 5  0.1in (2.5mm)  5~140
 BEVS 1118/4  0.16in (4mm)   50~1100
 BEVS 1118/6 0.24in (6mm)   510~5100
 BEVS 1118/8  0.31in (8mm)   700~11500