Scotch 3M Transparent Tape 600 1 in (25.4mm) 66m roll

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Used to test the adhesion of film after the film was cut. Its adhesion power is 10±1N/25mm.
SKU: CB-15430
Manufacturer: MIZA


Scotch® Tape 600 has a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system which is long aging and highly transparent, so it has stain and sunlight resistance.


  • Backing: 3MTM UPVC Film
  • Adhesive: Pressure sensitive acrylic
  • Color: Transparent 

Typical Physical Properties 

Adhesion to Steel:28 oz./in. width (30 N/100 mm). ASTM Test Method:D-3330

Machine Direction Tensile Strength: 28 lbs./in. width (490 N/100 mm).  ASTM Test Method:D-3759

Elongation at Break: 45% ASTM Test Method D-3759

Tape Thickness: 

Backing: 1.5 mil (0.038 mm). ASTM Test Method: D-3652 

Total: 2.3mil (0.038 mm). ASTM Test Method: D-3652 


  • Meets CID A-A-113 Type 1 Class A.
  • Moisture and chemical resistance.
  • Roll stability.
  • Longaging.
  • Controlled, smooth unwind.
  • Unaffected by changing atmospheric conditions and resistant to many acids, alkalies and solvents.
  • Has good edge tear and breakage resistance.
  • Easy to read through.
  • Excellent holding and good dispensing properties. 

Storage Conditions:

Storage of Scotch® Tape 600 at 70°F (21°C) and 40-50% relative humidity is recommended.