Scotch 3M Magic Tape 810 3/4 in (19mm) 33m roll

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Used to test the adhesion of film after the film was cut. Its adhesion power is 10±1N/25mm.
SKU: CB-15460
Manufacturer: MIZA
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A tape that is frosty in appearance on the roll, yet invisible on most office papers. Ideal for permanent paper mending and splicing.


  • Backing: Matte cellulose acetate 
  • Adhesive: Synthetic Acrylic 
  • Color: Transparent 

Typical Physical Properties 

Adhesion to Steel: 2.5 N/cm ASTM D-3330 / AFERA 4001 

Tensile Strength: 2.6 daN/cm ASTM D-3759/ AFERA 4004 

Elongation at Break: 25% ASTM D-3759/ AFERA 4004 

Tape Thickness: 

Backing: 38 microns 

Adhesive thickness: 22 microns


Acrylic adhesive

Matte Acetate backing 

Primer coating 

Storage Conditions:

Storage of Scotch® Tape 600 at 70°F (21°C) and 40-50% relative humidity is recommended.